Rotary Dryer

industrial rotary dryer and kiln equipment are used in a wide range of industries. These industries include chemical, paper, cement and agriculture. The rotary kiln is used in the processes of burning and calcining material feeds and sometimes need kiln repairs. The material feeds can include ore used in metallurgical processes, magnesia clinker, dolomite clinker, lime, iron oxide, pigment, activated coal, titanium oxide and oil cokes, among many other. There are many reasons why rotary dryer and kiln must be maintained and repaired well.

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Machines Used Regularly Need Maintenance

Any type of machine that is used regularly requires regular maintenance services. The services help keep the machine in good working condition. A well working machine works accurately, efficiently and as required. A rotary dryer is a heavy duty industrial machine. It runs continuously and over time loses its alignment accuracy and material properties. Moving parts are more prone to developing defects. In a rotary dryer, moving parts undergo heavy friction, heat and tension. These effects cause defects in the parts of the rotary dryer. Without regular maintenance and repairs, a rotary dryer will not work accurately. It will result in poor quality manufactured products.

High Chance of Failure

Without proper maintenance, a rotary dryer is bound to fail at any time. It is a large and expensive equipment used in high cost industrial processes. Failure of such a machine can have catastrophic effects for the owner company. This scenario becomes a reality at many job sites where owners fail to properly maintain the kiln and dryer. Such failures can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance program.

Problem in Drive Amperages

A misaligned rotary dryer works harder to operate. The defect puts extra load on the machine and it leads to a spike in the drive motor amperages. Correct and timely equipment adjustment is necessary to avoid a drop or spike in drive amperage. A regular maintenance helps avoid this problem.

Maintaining Neutral Position of the Roller

Rotary dryer experts recommend neutral positioning of rollers at least once a year. Proper alignment tool and services of experts are needed for this operation. If the machine deviates from its neutral position, it will result in inefficient operation of the dryer. Repairs are needed to fix the misalignment of rollers. Excessive skew of roller leads to faster wear patterns and higher power consumption. A neutral alignment repair process fixes this problem.

No Need for Excessive Resurfacing

Excessive resurfacing indicates the problem is more serious and not limited to the roller and tires. Frequent resurfacing means materials are replaced but the root cause goes unnoticed. This problem can be avoided with the help of scheduled alignment and correct roller adjustment.

Unnecessary Thrust between the Stock Blocks and the Tires

Plant personnel on the site try to adjust the roller to move the tires away from stop blocks. Such temporary adjustments do not work and is not recommended. The wear leads to extreme thrust and cannot be compensated with temporary solutions. It does not solve the underlying issue, rather, it can lead to excessive thrust and increased wear rate. Even adding more skew is not the right solution because it results in overheating of the bearings. The solution is to realign the unit correctly.

These adjustments, repairs and regular maintenance programs help keep the roller dryer and kiln equipment in excellent working condition. It helps avoid defects in manufactured items.